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My Recommendation: Abductory Twist

An abductory twist or medial heel whip is the sudden movement of the heel medially or abducting just as the heel comes off the ground during gait. The usually occurs when the leg is externally rotating and the foot is

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My Recommendation: A Podiatrist in Australia

A huge shout out to my friends at Croydon Total Footcare in Australia. You can see more about them in these listings at Hot Frog, Google+ , Start Local, Bing  Local, True Local, WhereIs, Yelp,  Podiatry Online, Podiatrists Online, Yellow

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My Recommendation: Plantar Fasciitis

Everyone seems to know what plantar fasciitis is, and if they don’t they have probably heard of heel spurs which is sort of another name for it. The reason so many have heard of it is that it is just

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My Recommendation: Trench Foot

The name trench foot is pretty dated now and it should be called a nonfreezing cold injury. The name trench foot came about as it was something that was very common in trench warfare when the soldiers feet were subjected

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My Recommendation: 100Up Running

The 100 Up running drill is a drill where the running runs on the spot for a 100 times with a high knee lift. It is claimed that it is supposed to teach good running form and help develop a

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My Recommendation: Overpronation

Overpronation is widely understood to be a problem in which the foot is pronated too much. Pronation is the motion that is associated with an ankle joint tilting inwards and the arch of the foot collapsing. This is widely understood

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My Recommendation: Finding Foot Health Advice Online

There are many places to go to get advice for foot problems online, some better than others. While we welcome contact from patients and potential patients, keeping up with emails about foot problems can be time consuming especially if the

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My Recommendation: Toning Shoes

Toning shoes have been getting a lot of publicity. Firstly with all the marketing hype that can be achieved with these toning shoes and all the celebrity endorsements. The then, secondly with the settlement that some of the companies making

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