My Recommendation: Finding Foot Health Advice Online

There are many places to go to get advice for foot problems online, some better than others. While we welcome contact from patients and potential patients, keeping up with emails about foot problems can be time consuming especially if the work schedule is full.

My Recommendation:
Foot Health Forum. This is a place where you can ask about your foot problems. Most of the replies are from people with similar problems, but you do see Podiatrists post there with answers to questions.

Podiatry Experts. This is a question and answer forum where you ask a question and a podiatry expert generally replies.

Podiatry Arena. This is a forum for Podiatrists and not for people to ask about foot problems, but it does have all the latest information and research on pretty much everything to do with podiatry. The shear volume can be overwhelming. A good place to start is the index.

PodoPaedia. At the time of writing this was still in it infancy, but is a site that is claimed it will be the Wikipedia of foot problems, so it is worth keeping an eye on.

Podiatry Online. This is a directory of valuable and credible resources on a whole range of foot problems. Worth using to sort out the good information from the not so good.

Podiatry TV. This is a collection of good videos from You Tube, categorized into a collection that make it easy to find what you are looking for.

Running Research. If you are a runner, then this site will provide some useful information

Its a Foot, Captain, but not as you know it. A blog that keep foot care information on the web honest.

Podiatry Help. A listing of short facts on a range of topics with curated links to the most useful resources.

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